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Candice - Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor & Owner

I graduated with a Bachelor of Human Movement, Exercise & Sport Science in 2016, throughout this course I gained insight into exercise prescription and how keeping active can lead to so many health benefits for all ages. During this course I discovered Pilates. I studied Pilates twice through 2 different institutions- this enabled me to learn the movements the first time, and then go back and knuckle down on the 'what does it all mean' the second time. The second time around I was introduced to Womens Health specific exercise which has led me to where I am today. In 2017 I opened The Pilates Depot and just a year later got accepted into Physiotherapy with Uni SA. Now I have a Master of Physiotherapy degree and the combination of Pilates and Physio allows me to bring knowledge from both areas into my practice. My focus as a Physiotherapist is to work with people to achieve their goals, encourage movement for every body, empower self management and help you discover your best body. 

Aside from Pilates and Physiotherapy I have also gained Qualification in:

- Pilates for Pregnancy

- Dry Needling level 1 & 2

- Headaches 

- Netball Knee Program


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