T H E  P I L A T E S



Introducing Rachel, 

Rachel's background is in Marketing and Business and has excelled in her career as a Brand Manager. Rachel discovered Pilates when living in Melbourne and took it up as  her  new favourite form of exercise. Rachel moved back to the  Adelaide Hills where she  grew  up and is now working as a Pilates Instructor on top of full time work. 


Over the past 12 months Rachel has been studying with Polestar  and has  completed  her full Pilates qualification. Rachel says she loves that its possible to  participate  in a challenging workout without the cost of high impact stress on your body.


Her  classes incorporate the traditional pilates method  alongside a unique and dynamic approach brought from her favourite studio  in  Melbourne.  You  won't  be finding many beginner options in Rach's class- she loves  a  full body workout and knows how to get  those muscles burning- you  don't  want  to miss these classes! 

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